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AFROMET - The Association for the Return of The Maqdala Ethiopian TreasuresDetail from the amulet of Emperor Tewodros
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news from March 2002

March 20

Scottish cleric to head Ethiopian treasure campaign
AFROMET 20 March 2002

A Scottish cleric is to head a new pressure group calling on UK museums and libraries to return scores of sacred manuscripts and artefacts to Ethiopia. The Rev John McLuckie has become chairman of AFROMET UK – the Association for the Return of the Maqdala Ethiopian Treasures UK.

March 12

Many Happy Returns?
Archaeology 12 March 2002

It must seem to those in Bloomsbury that the British Museum is under siege. Greek pressure for the return of the Parthenon sculptures is stepping up in advance of the 2004 Olympic Games, and in a February interview, Greece's Minister of Culture, Evangelos Venizelos, told ARCHAEOLOGY that the request for the marbles' return was not part of a broad campaign, but linked to the integrity of the Parthenon, building and sculptures.
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