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news from September 2003

September 30

Ethiopia recovers looted manuscript after 135 years
CNN/Reuters 29 September 03

An ancient handwritten Book of Psalms taken from the fortress of Ethiopian Emperor Theodros by British troops 135 years ago was returned to the Horn of Africa country on Monday.

September 17

Britain to return plundered ethiopian treasure
Voice of America 17 September 2003

One of Ethiopia's historical treasures - a centuries-old, handwritten Book of Psalms - is returning from London to Ethiopia. The 300-year-old book was taken by British troops when they ransacked the village of Magdala in the 1868 invasion of Ethiopia.

City priest sends holy loot home
Edinburgh Evening News 17 September 03

A HOLY book seized by British soldiers in a bloody battle in Ethiopia more than a century ago is to be returned to its homeland, thanks to a group of Edinburgh campaigners.

September 16

Ethiopian book of Psalms to be returned
Associated Press 16 September 2003

A handwritten copy of the Book of Psalms that British troops looted from Ethiopia in the 19th century will be returned. A group that works to return looted treasures to Ethiopia said Tuesday that it will take the 300-year-old book to Addis Ababa, the capital of the eastern African nation, later this month.

Sufragette's son to return holy book to Ethiopia
AFROMET press release 16 September 2003

A holy book is to be returned to Ethiopia 135 years after it was seized by British soldiers in a bloody battle. The handwritten copy of the Book of Psalms will be taken from the UK back to Addis Ababa later this month by Dr Richard Pankhurst, son of the suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst and long-time campaigner for the repatriation of Ethiopian loot.
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