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news from February 2004

February 10

Campaign launched to preserve national heritage
IRIN 09 February 04

The government on Saturday warned that Ethiopia's historical and cultural artefacts were continuing to be plundered, and called for greater protection of its antiquities. It stressed in a statement that the looting was serving to obstruct ongoing vital survey work and research aimed at fully exploring and documenting the country's historical background.

February 06

The United States and the Aksum Obelisk
Addis Tribune 06 February 04

The Aksum Obelisk, looted on Mussolini's personal orders in 1937, has been dismantled by the Italian Government, and has been taken to Rome military airport. It has now to be flown to Aksum for erection there. Hopes have been expressed that it would be flown by a United States Hercules plane, but this has sadly not yet materialized.
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