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Abbey urged to return sacred relic to Ethiopia
The Observer 26 September 10

Westminster Abbey has been accused of sacrilege over its refusal to return a "looted" sacred object to the Ethiopian Orthodox church.

Ethiopia demands stolen crown back
The Independent on Sunday 23 November 08

Ethiopia is demanding that Britain's museums return some of its most significant religious treasures. President Girma Wolde-Giorgis has personally intervened in a dispute to get the artefacts, including the Ethiopian royal crown, returned home 140 years after they were "looted" by marauding British troops.

Petition sent to Westminster Abbey
Petition 17 July 07


Appeal sent to 10 Downing Street
Letter 17 June 07

Letter sent to British Prime Minister Tony Blair by Gabriel Berhanu Kassayie and friends from Year 5, Rosary RC Primary School

Trinity asked to give back Ethiopian 'booty'
The Sunday Times 08 April 07

TWO leading academics have said Trinity College Dublin should consider returning historic manuscripts looted from Ethiopia by the British Army in the 19th century.

University criticised for keeping looted manuscripts
The Scotsman 01 March 05

A DECISION by the University of Edinburgh court not to return looted manuscripts to Ethiopia was yesterday condemned as a "retrograde step" by a lobby group.

University refuses to return Ethiopian artefacts
The Herald 01 March 05

CAMPAIGNERS fighting for the repatriation of scores of treasures looted by British soldiers from Ethiopia more than a century ago have been dealt a blow by academics in Scotland.

University of Edinburgh announces decision on AFROMET request
University of Edinburgh press release 28 February 05

The University of Edinburgh Court, the governing body of the University, today announced that after careful consideration, it is at this time unable to meet the request made by the organisation AFROMET (i) regarding certain Ethiopian manuscripts currently held in the University of Edinburgh Collections. However, the Court has indicated a willingness to continue dialogue with AFROMET on this issue, as well as agreeing a number of measures to facilitate access to the manuscripts by the Ethiopian people and scholars.

AFROMET sets out Edinburgh case
AFROMET press release 29 November 04

AFROMET today set out its case for the return of five sacred Ethiopian manuscripts currently kept in the library of Edinburgh University, Scotland. The campaign group sent its statement to the first meeting of a special panel set up by the university to consider AFROMET's appeal.

British Museum eases grip on religious treasures
The Independent/The NZ Herald 20 October 04

On a shelf in a locked basement room underneath the British Museum are kept 11 wooden tablets which are covered in purple velvet. No member of the museum staff - including director Neil MacGregor - is permitted to enter the room.

Blair urged to return treasures
BBC 07 October 04

Ethiopian campaigners have asked UK Prime Minister Tony Blair to return hundreds of rare manuscripts and religious artefacts. The treasures were looted from the palace of an Ethiopian emperor, after his defeat by a British force in 1868.

Politicians back AFROMET's Edinburgh appeal
AFROMET press release 30 June 04

Two of Ethiopia's most senior politicians today threw their weight behind a campaign to persuade Edinburgh University to return five stolen sacred manuscripts. Teshome Toga, Ethiopian Minister of Youth Sports and Culture, and Dawit Yohannes, Speaker of Ethiopia's House of People's Representatives [its parliament], have written to staff at the University library, asking them to hand over the holy books that were taken from Ethiopia by British troops more than 130 years ago.

Edinburgh appeal suffers set back
The Herald 30 March 04

A CAMPAIGN for the return of scores of treasures looted by British soldiers from Ethiopia more than a century ago has been dealt a blow by Edinburgh University. The Association for the Return of the Magdala Ethiopian Treasures (Afromet), which has involved the Queen in its quest for plundered articles, has been told four manuscripts with probable links to the British invasion of the country and held by the institution will not be handed back.

Queen urged to return holy manuscripts
AFROMET press release 27 January 04

Ethiopian campaigners today wrote to the Queen, asking her to return six holy manuscripts seized in a battle more than 130 years ago. The illuminated manuscripts were part of a huge haul of treasure taken by British soldiers when they invaded Ethiopia in 1868.

AFROMET's letter to Queen Elizabeth II
AFROMET 27 January 04

AFROMET sent the following letter to the UK's Queen Elizabeth II, asking her to return six illuminated manuscripts currently kept in Windsor Castle.

A call to the regiments
The Addis Tribune 05 December 03

Part two of Professor Richard Pankhurst's history of the royal drums that were taken at Maqdala and split between the invading British troops.

AFROMET asks for divided drum
AFROMET 01 December 03

AFROMET sent the following letter to the commanding officers of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment and the Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding), asking for the return of three pieces of a drum taken at Maqdala.

AFROMET asks for Edinburgh manuscripts
AFROMET 01 December 03

AFROMET sent the following letter to the University of Edinburgh Library, asking for the return of three Maqdala manuscripts.

The mystery of two Ethiopian drums
The Addis Tribune 28 November 03

Professor Richard Pankhurst traces the history of the royal drums that were taken at Maqdala and split between the invading British troops.

Plea for return of Ethiopian drum
BBC 14 September 2002

The son of suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst is visiting Edinburgh to call for the return of a looted drum to Ethiopia. The 16th century ceremonial drum was taken to Britain at the same time as a sacred tablet, or tabot, which was recently returned to Ethiopia.

Scottish regiment in row over looted African drum
The Times 14 July 2002

ETHIOPIA is appealing to the Queen to intervene in a dispute with a Scottish regiment over a ceremonial drum "looted" by British troops more than 130 years ago.

Britain urged to return loot
The Times 21 November 1998

THE promised return to Ethiopia of a monument looted by Mussolini in 1937 has focused attention on other priceless artefacts stolen from the country. Foremost among these is a collection of sacred relics that were plundered by Britain during the Victorian era.

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