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AFROMET motion launched in UK Parliament
AFROMET press release 21 January 05

AFROMET has taken its campaign to the UK Parliament's House of Commons. AFROMET supporter and British Member of Parliament Derek Wyatt has put down a motion calling on the British Museum to return a number of Tabots - sacred altar slabs - which were taken from Maqdala in 1868.

Obelisk protests planned
AFROMET press release 06 September 04

Afromet supporters in the UK and the USA have been invited to take part in demonstrations to press the Italian government to return the obelisk that Mussolini removed from Axum, northern Ethiopia, in 1937.

Campaign launched to preserve national heritage
IRIN 09 February 04

The government on Saturday warned that Ethiopia's historical and cultural artefacts were continuing to be plundered, and called for greater protection of its antiquities. It stressed in a statement that the looting was serving to obstruct ongoing vital survey work and research aimed at fully exploring and documenting the country's historical background.

Tabots discussed by UK government committee
Addis Tribune 30 January 04

A dramatic turn of events has taken place on a Select Committee of the British House of Commons, which has been discussing the loot from Maqdala in the light of the imminent return from Italy of the Axum Obelisk.

A city in search of a statue: Emperor Tewodros
The Addis Tribune 12 December 03

Let us revert this week to the question of Addis Ababa's need of statues. Our first candidate for a statue is perhaps Emperor Tewodros, or Theodore, II, who for well over thirty years had a square in the capital called after him - but no statue. A first step towards the advent of such a monument was, however, taken earlier this year with the erection in Tewodros square of a double-life-size replica of his famous cannon (or more properly mortar) Sevastapol - so named after a famous battle in the nineteenth century Crimean War.

The Italian Foreign Minister Supports AFROMET
The Addis Tribune By Richard Pankhurst 16 May 2003

AFROMET, I should note for those unfamiliar with the name, is the Association for the Return of Maqdala Ethiopian Treasures. This organisation, headed by Professor Andreas Eshete, the current President of Addis Ababa University, has two branches: one in Ethiopia and the other, headed by the Rev. John McLuckie, in Britain. The association's supporters in the latter country include none other than the elected Mayor of London, Mr. Ken Livingstone.

AFROMET replies to European, American museum directors
Addis Tribune 13 December 02

AFROMET, the Association for the Return of Ethiopia's Maqdala Treasures, reacted yesterday to the recent statement of European and American Museum Directors opposing the restoration of cultural artifacts to their country of origin.

Museums thwart artefact claims
BBC 9 December 2002

Some of the world's leading museums have joined forces to declare that they will not hand back ancient artefacts to their countries of origin. Directors of 18 institutions, from St Petersburg to New York, signed a declaration saying their collections act as "universal museums" for the good of the world.

Scottish cleric to head Ethiopian treasure campaign
AFROMET 20 March 2002

A Scottish cleric is to head a new pressure group calling on UK museums and libraries to return scores of sacred manuscripts and artefacts to Ethiopia. The Rev John McLuckie has become chairman of AFROMET UK – the Association for the Return of the Maqdala Ethiopian Treasures UK.

Many Happy Returns?
Archaeology 12 March 2002

It must seem to those in Bloomsbury that the British Museum is under siege. Greek pressure for the return of the Parthenon sculptures is stepping up in advance of the 2004 Olympic Games, and in a February interview, Greece's Minister of Culture, Evangelos Venizelos, told ARCHAEOLOGY that the request for the marbles' return was not part of a broad campaign, but linked to the integrity of the Parthenon, building and sculptures.

AFROMET statement on the return of the Tabot
AFROMET 24 January 2002

Statement by Professor Andreas Eshete, Chair of AFROMET, on the occasion of the Return of the Ethiopian Tabot from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Minister's relic stirs African hearts
The Observer 20 January 2002

His mother and grandmother took on the might of the British state and won women the vote. Now Dr Richard Pankhurst is leading Ethiopia's fight to throw off the last vestiges of imperial rule. The son of Sylvia, grandson of Emmeline and nephew of Christabel, the founders of the Suffragette movement, Pankhurst is campaigning for the treasures looted by British soldiers during a battle in 1868 to be returned to the African nation and next weekend his dream will start to be realised in Edinburgh.

Pankhurst son returns to fray
The Times 29 August 2000

THE Pankhurst name has returned to the political arena, with a crusade to return to Africa religious artefacts looted by the British. Last century Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughter, Sylvia, were in the forefront of the movement for women's suffrage. Richard Pankhurst, Sylvia's son, now hopes that his fight to restore sacred Ethiopian treasures will rectify another injustice.

Ethiopia presses for return of treasures
BBC 23 February 2000

The United Kingdom is coming under renewed pressure from Ethiopia to return millions of pounds worth of treasures which Ethiopia believes were stolen by British soldiers in the 19th century. The Association for the Return of the Maqdala Ethiopian Treasures (Afromet), whose members are historians and notable academics, are campaigning for the return of the treasures looted from Maqdala, Emperor Tewodros's northern citadel capital.

AFROMET launched at Sheraton Addis
AFROMET 13 April 1999

The Association for the Return of The Maqdala Ethiopian Treasures (AFROMET) was officially launched at a press conference held at the Sheraton Addis on Tuesday April 13.

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