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King's Own Bible

The 4th King’s Own regiment returned with a number of battle trophies from the campaign, including what regimental records describe as "an illuminated bible".

According to The King’s Own: The Story of a Royal Regiment Volume II 1814-1914 written in 1939:

The Regiment has in its possession many relics of the Abyssinian campaign including several early Coptic crosses and an illuminated Bible. A glass jug, now in the regimental museum, was presented to the Battalion by Messrs Pellatt & Co., glass manufacturers to the Queen. On the reverse side are nine medallions depicting views of Magdala; it is said to have taken over a year to cut, and was at one time insured for £2,000.
The Coptic crosses mentioned are probably the processional crosses still on display in the regimental chapel in Lancaster.

The 4th King’s Own Regiment became the modern day King's Own Royal Border Regiment.

AFROMET has also listed other items of Maqdala plunder at the Lancaster museum.

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