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AFROMET - The Association for the Return of The Maqdala Ethiopian TreasuresDetail from the amulet of Emperor Tewodros
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British Library manuscripts (349)
Maqdala manuscripts make up almost half of the British Library's collection of Ethiopian parchments. They were originally stored in the British Museum Library which was recently incorporated into the British Library.

Dundee scroll
This scroll, inscribed in red and black ink, is currently in the collection of the University of Dundee Museum.

Edinburgh University's manuscripts (5)
Edinburgh University Library has 11 manuscripts written in Amharic or Ge'ez. Three of them are positively linked with Maqdala in the catalogue. Two others are dated from the same era.

Edinburgh's torn manuscript
This double page was torn out of a manuscript of the Miracles of Mary, found in one of the churches at Maqdala. The page, which is beautifully illuminated on both sides, is listed as a "fragment" and kept in the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Kebra Nagast
An Ethiopic manuscript of the Kebra Nagast, or Glory of Kings (the national epic), was returned by the British Museum in 1873 at the request of Emperor Yohannes IV.

King's Own Bible
The 4th King’s Own regiment returned with a number of battle trophies from the campaign, including what regimental records describe as "an illuminated bible".

Manchester's manuscripts (42)
Manchester's John Rylands University Library picked up 42 Maqdala manuscripts in 1901 when it bought a private collection of papers owned by the 26th Earl of Crawford, James Ludovic Lindsay.

Psalms of David
This hand-written copy of the Psalms of David was put up for sale in Maggs bookdealers, Mayfair, London by a private collector. Members of AROMET UK spotted it, raised £750 to buy it, and sent it back to Addis Ababa in the safe hands of Dr Richard Pankhurst in September 2003.

Ta'amra Maryam, 33 Miracles of the Virgin Mary and Document concerning a conciliation
This combined manuscript went on a remarkable journey after it was taken by a British soldier at the battle of Maqdala. The soldier sold it, along with a number of other Maqdala papers, to London's Quaritch bookstore, a dealer in antique manuscripts. The British Museum looked into buying it but was in effect outbid by Lady Meux, a flambouyant figure in Victorian London, known for her collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts. She left it to the descendants of Menelik II, Emperor of Ethiopia, in her will.

Windsor Castle manuscripts (6)
Six magnificently illustrated ecclesiastical manuscripts from Maqdala are currently part of the Queen of England's personal collection in the Royal Library in Windsor Castle.

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