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AFROMET - The Association for the Return of The Maqdala Ethiopian TreasuresDetail from the amulet of Emperor Tewodros
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Edinburgh's Tabot
One of at least 11 Tabots (consecrated altar slabs) seized at Maqdala by British soldiers. This one was taken by a Captain Arbuthnot of the 14th Hussars who may have been an Aide de Camp to General Napier, the leader of the expedition. On return to Britain, recognising the religious significance of the artefact, he presented the Tabot to St. John's Episcopal Church at the west end of Princes Street in Edinburgh.

Great seal
Emperor Tewodros's great seal was returned by the UK's Queen Elizabeth II during her state visit to Ethiopia in 1965. She also returned the Emperor's royal cap.

Kebra Nagast
An Ethiopic manuscript of the Kebra Nagast, or Glory of Kings (the national epic), was returned by the British Museum in 1873 at the request of Emperor Yohannes IV.

Maggs Tabot
This Tabot was handed over in Addis Ababa on July 1, 2003 by Dr Ian MacLennan, an Irish doctor who spotted it in a London book dealer's catalogue of Ethiopian manuscripts and artefacts.

Psalms of David
This hand-written copy of the Psalms of David was put up for sale in Maggs bookdealers, Mayfair, London by a private collector. Members of AROMET UK spotted it, raised £750 to buy it, and sent it back to Addis Ababa in the safe hands of Dr Richard Pankhurst in September 2003.

Royal cap
Emperor Tewodros's royal cap was returned by the UK's Queen Elizabeth II during her state visit to Ethiopia in 1965. She also returned the Emperor's great seal.

Tewodros's 'barbaric' crown
The British Governemt agreed to return this Maqdala crown to Ethiopia during a state visit by Ras Tafari Makonnen (the future Emperor Haile Sellassie, who was then Regent and Heir to the Throne) in 1923.

Tewodros's Amulet
The Amulet which Emperor Tewodros of Ethiopia was wearing on 13 April 1868, the day of his dramatic suicide at Maqdala, was returned to Ethiopia on 28 September 2002.

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